Judith Welk





I celebrate 40 years as a painter and the deep love and joy the process has brought to my life. I am committed to my work as a way to mark time with the people, places and things I love. I cannot analyze it or draw conclusions about it. It is the process that satisfies me - the transformation of the physical into a finished work of art.

I believe in the power of “ideas” and the part they play in the development of my art. The idea of Christmas is much more exciting than the actual Christmas day. Ideas are limitless, whether they are artistic or scientific.

My mother often told me to look for the beauty around me. When I moved to Omaha I was lonely and depressed as I was separated from my Ohio roots. I soon found inspiration in the beauty of my Omaha surroundings, my Dundee home, my neighborhood, the Midwest hills, as well as, my family.

Painting takes me to a place where there is no pain or death. It is about possibilities and they are endless. I go away for hours and return feeling physically exhausted, yet fully accomplished. I study my surroundings, fill my brush with color and develop a design. At other times the design is the result of a mental exercise based on memories of earlier times.

My children know that real joy comes from putting all of one’s energies into something that matters to one personally. There were times when it became necessary to make choices about how I might spend the day. My family always understood that my art was part of who I was. There was a blend between it and them; one enhances the other. 

I am proud to be an artist and to be part of the rich, cultural heritage that has endured for centuries. I am continually encouraged by my family and community. I remain grateful.

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3220 Farnam Street Suite 2101
Omaha, NE 68131
3220 Farnam Street Suite 2101
Omaha, NE 68131
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